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Alternative investments and financing solutions

Welcome to Tailwind, a bespoke capital and financial solutions provider committed to accelerating ambitions and creating instrumental partnerships. Our approach and expertise allow businesses to make major transformations and thrive in highly competitive industries and provide investors access to exclusive investment opportunities.

We help businesses access capital by leveraging our established network of banking relationships and private capital providers.
We perform thorough strategic financial and business analysis to guide companies through change and every stakeholder towards success.

We have helped businesses access capital, from trailblazing start-ups to household names; across a variety of disciplines including Real Estate, Tech, and FinTech.

We bring global experience to curate and offer exclusive investment opportunities to our network. We have an inclination towards sectors that are rapidly innovating. All deals we market are vetted by our team of finance professionals.

Tailwind is based in the Cayman Islands, with locations in Dubai and in Canada. We are able to offer worldwide coverage through our partners' locations in many financial hubs across the world.

Helping our clients reach their full potential.

Private and Institutional Debt

Credit facilities from private lenders or arranged through a financial institution.

Private Equity

Equity finance sourced through our global network of investors.

Bridge Finance

For our clients and investors that have a need/appetite for shorter term lending.


Structure, market, and source private capital. Exclusive investment opportunities in companies expected to go public.