Our approach is to deliver innovative capital solutions to our clients and exclusive alternative investment opportunities to our accredited investors.

Dustin Springett, Founder and Director

A tailwind is a wind that blows in the direction of travel of a waterborne or airborne craft. A tailwind increases the craft's speed and reduces the time required to reach its destination.

And that is exactly how we want to assist in your financial endeavors.

Tailwind thrives in providing expert advice and assisting companies in raising capital, both debt and equity.

Tailwind operates with transparency and integrity in everything we do. We are motivated just as much by finding the right fit as we are by financial return.

Our philosophy is to focus on the opportunity itself and to support entrepreneurs to achieve their vision. We take a flexible approach and can offer equity or debt finance depending on the specific circumstance. We seek to take an innovative and generous approach, creating win-win returns for all parties.


Our Values

We believe that we can change the way businesses access capital by helping good companies with solid values position their company in a positive and transparent light to banks and prospective investors and using our expertise to then pair the business with the best capital partner(s).


Clear open communication instills trust.


We believe there is no other way to do business.


Our people deliver, because they are empowered.


In every deal and transaction, we bring our best.

What we do

Expertise and Strategic Advisory

Our approach and expertise allows businesses to make major transformations and thrive in highly competitive industries. We continually strive to support and guide all the parties we work with. Tailwind builds, nurtures and develops creative networks and partnerships, offering bespoke advice and unrivalled expertise. We are here to help you make major leaps forward. We will always encourage you to explore the thought of new possibilities and support bold, brave decision making.

Bilateral and Syndicate Debt

We assist our clients to raise debt through bilateral or syndicated arrangements and provide solutions covering debt structuring and distribution, and placement.

Mezzanine Debt

We assist in arranging mezzanine financing for our clients to achieve desired debt structure and investment returns.

Debt Capital Markets

We provide advisory services for debt capital market instruments using our extensive experience in the financial markets.

Bridge Debt

We arrange debt to address immediate funding requirements of individuals/corporates where the cash need is in the short to medium term.

Tailwind Alternative Fund I

We are in the process of launching Tailwind's Alternative Fund I which will focus on secured lending opportunities.

Exclusive Private Equity Opportunities

We specialize in curating exclusive private equity opportunities tailored to your unique investment preferences and financial goals.