Consumer Electronics (Audio hardware and software)
Syng is aiming to disrupt the home audio market. This legacy market built atop channel-based audio has not materially changed in 100 years since the invention of stereo and is primed for real, technology-driven change.
Syng is planning to capture sizable portion of global home audio market worth US$30B1 and audio engine licensing market worth US$25B2.

Last Valuation

US$117.5M in Series A2 round (post-money; fall 2021)

Amount Raised

US$53.20M (Seed, Series A, Convertible note, and Series A2)

Major Investor

Eclipse Venture Capital


US$2.25 Million (First six months – Jul’ 21 to Dec’ 21)

Company Overview

Syng has created a hardware & software audio experience unlike anything the world has ever heard (or seen), forever changing how humans create and experience music through its proprietary Triphonic sound technology, SDK & software platform, and bold design. 
Syng was co-founded by Christopher Stringer who holds over 1,700 patents and was formerly with Apple as a lead design engineer. During his 20 years along with Steve Jobs, his contribution was substantial to the design of the PowerBook, iMac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Apple Watch, Apple Pencil, Home Pod, and USB-C.  
Atop the growth of its first product Cell(speaker) Alpha (already introduced), Syng plans to introduce Cell Astra (more accessible) & Cell Vea (highly portable), a Triphonic spatial sound SDK, and commercial embedded software licensing to other OEMs. Syng’s D2C business is currently operational in 34 countries through Syngspace App and is building out 3rd  party retail/wholesale channels with Magnolia Best Buy, Crutchfield, Amazon, Aqipa EU, and others. Syng’s B2B channels are growing through partnerships with professional audio system installers, specialty audio &  designer furniture showrooms, and premier music industry players including Universal Music Group and  Spotify.

Business Model

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